Welcome to the Party Points Programme

Party Points Programme


As a Party-Lenses.com customer you automatically collect bonus points on all your purchases.

In addition to your "normal" bonus points you now have the possibility to earn extra points which grant you additional savings and more money in the pocket.


What is the Party Points Programme?

Party Points Programme is a customer care programme tailor made to grant our customers extra discounts whenever they share content to their friends and family. The points collected through our Party Points Programme grant you 10% additional discount whenever any of your friends or family in your network purchase on Party-Lenses.com.


How Does The Party Points Programme Work?

There are three ways in which you can collect Party Points:

  1. Link Sharing
  2. Write a product review
  3. Refer a friend or family by e-mail


1. Link Sharing

Share our Party-Lenses.com link to your frends and family in your network on e.g. Facebook or Twitter. When your friend or family purchases on Party-Lenses.com you automatically earn 10% discount.


Party Points Guide



2. Write a Product Review

Write a product review on any of our products has been approved you automatically earn party points equal to 10% discount.

Here is how to to write and submit a product review.


 Write a product review


Write a review for approval


3. Refer a frend by email

Send our link to any of your frends or family by typing in your friends name and e-mail adress. If your friend buy a product on Party-Lenses.com you automatically earn 42 bonus points equal to 10% discount on your next order.


Refer a friend by email


Where can I see my Party Points?

Simply in on your account and press "Reward Points". You will now be able to see a total overview of your Party Points.


 Party Points Overview