Fusion Yellow & Blue (EDIT)

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Fusion color contact lenses are contact lenses with color without correction. Fusion Contact Lenses are fashion lenses that instantly change the colour of the eye with a fusion of colours for a strong dramatic look. These lenses overlay the natural eye colour with a blend of 3 different colour tones leaving your customers with gorgeous and dazzling eyes. This range is ideal if you wish to change the colour of your eyes for a strong striking look with a natural finish. Available in 4 different colours.

  The prices are for a pair (2 pieces of contact lenses)

  Fast delivery worldwide

  Three months duration

  Cover your current eye color 100%

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Try Our Color Contact Lenses Today And Get A New Cool Party Look!

Crazy farvede kontaktlinser uden styrke - til partydyret der har alt!  Crazy color contact lenses without correction - to the party animal that has everything!

These 90 day color contact lenses are without correction and dramatically changes your current eye color into a new exciting color. When purchasing on Party-Lenses.com you automatically collect bonus points which grant you extra discoounts on your next purchase. You can also collect extra points by participating in our Party Points Programme. In addition as a Party-Lenses.com customer you receive a coupon code on a monthly basis. Remeber to buy contact lens solution together with your color contact lenses for optimal care of your lenses. 

Price is for a pair of color contact lenses (2 pieces)!

Fast express delivery!

Lens type: Color contact lenses without correction

Life span: Three months/ 90 days

Content: Two pieces of contact lenses (1 per vial). 38% water - 62% Methafilicon A, immersed in buffered isotonic saline.

Lens size: 14.0, Base curve:  8.6

Delivery time: 3 working days


User Examples Of Crazy Contact Lenses

Hvide farvede crazy kontaktlinserred crazy lenses

white coloured contact lenses

white coloured contact lenses









Coloured contact lenses are easy to use and take care of. If you have never worn contact lenses before it might seem daunting, but with a few simple pointers and a bit of practice you'll be able to wear any of our lenses with ease. When you wear contact lenses the most important thing is safety - your eyes are precious!

Our contact lenses are safe to wear but please make sure you follow the manufacturers instructions and read this page to make sure you are using them correctly. To wear contact lenses you will need contact lens solution and a contact lens case for each pair of lenses. Without these items it will be very difficult to use and store your lenses safely. Below you can find information on everything from how to insert contact lenses to safety and contact lens storage.

 How To Wear Contact Lenses

Using contact lenses for the first time may seem daunting, but with a little practice they are actually very easy to wear. This page will show you a safe, easy method for inserting and removing your contact lenses. You will need contact lens solution, a contact lens case, paper towels and a mirror. Only use contact lens solution to clean your lenses - using water will damage the lenses.

What To Do When You Receive Your Lenses

Fashion contact lenses are packaged in either a blister pack or sealed glass vials. This keeps the lens sterile but can make it difficult to insert your lenses for the first time. We advise that you do the following before you insert your lenses.

  1. Open the lens vial / blister pack.
  2. If your lenses are in a glass vial, pour away half of the fluid.
  3. Tip the lens and remaining liquid into a clean contact lens case.
  4. Either insert lenses or close the contact lens case.


Inserting Contact Lenses

Inserting contact lenses is simple but can take a little practice - don't worry if you have to try a few times! It is common to drop a contact lens the first time you put them in, so do this over a clean surface such as a bathroom sink with a mirror.

Contact lens packaging can be fiddly so we recommend placing your lenses in a case before insertion. Always insert your lenses before putting on make up. These instructions are for putting a contact lens into your right eye - for your left eye simply use the opposite hand. Contact lenses should not be worn for more than 8 hours at a time.

Stand or sit in front of a mirror with paper towels in case your eyes water.

  1. Pick up your lens using clean fingers and place on your index finger. To prevent ripping the lenses while handling.

    The lens should sit right on the tip of your finger with the printed side (the brightest side) downwards. The lens should sit in a smooth curved shape. The edges of the contact lens should be smooth, not bent or sharp-looking. If the contact lens is curled up or dry-looking, rinse it with a drop of contact lens solution - never use water on your lenses.
  2. Use your right middle finger to pull down your lower eyelid and your left hand to pull up your upper eyelid.
  3. Look either straight up or straight ahead.
  4. Gently place the lens in the middle your eye, look straight ahead and remove your finger. The lens should stay on your eye.
  5. Keeping your eye open, look to the left and right before blinking. This makes sure the lens is in the centre of your eye.
  6. Look in the mirror to check that the lens is in the right place. It should be over your iris and stay in place when you move your eye. Perfect.

Removing Contact Lenses

  1.  Use one or both hands to hold your eye open.
  2. Place your index finger on the lens and gently move it to the outer corner of your eye.
  3. Pinch the lens gently between your finger and thumb.
  4. Lift out of your eye.
  5. If you plan to keep your contact lenses, place in a clean contact lens case with plenty of fresh contact lens solution.

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